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Web Design, Character Animation, Gaming Development!

Aadi Guru Prodigy is thrilled to introduce the school IT Pro program, a pioneering initiative designed to empower high school students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge .Our program encompasses divers categories,fostering holistic development and  preparing students for the future.

Transform Your Skills: AGP School's Dynamic IT Program Plan

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Make a Master Of Your Child With Human Intelligence on Artifical Intelligence

Master AI,Programming,Multimedia

AGP School Pro

01. AI Tools

Training Tools

✅TensorFlow Lite (Mobile Development)
✅ Google Teachable Machine
✅ Rasa (Chatbot Development)

Programming Languages

02. Programming Languages

Training Tools

✅Python (Scrapy, Pandas)
✅Java (LibGDX, Android Studio)
✅Web Development (React, Vue.js)

03. Multimedia

Training Tools

✅ Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Canva
✅Digital Illustration: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

04. Web Design

Training Tools

✅ UI Design: Flutter, Adobe XD
✅ Responsive Web Design: Bootstrap, CSS Grid

Character Animation

05. Character Animation

Training Tools

✅2D Animation: OpenToonz
✅3D Animation: Blender

Gaming Development

06. Gaming Development

Training Tools

✅ Game Design: Unity, Unreal Engine
✅ Game Programming: Scratch

What You Will Learn Over 6 Courses

01. AI Tools
Explore the realm of Artificial Intelligence (A where students delve into real-world.

AI Introduction: Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Basics of Machine Learning:Understanding Algorithms

Decoding Neural Networks: Deep Learning Essentials

AI Applications: Real-World Impact 

Ethical AI: Navigating Responsibility 

Practical AI Projects: Hands-On Learning 

Future in AI: Career Path Insights

02. Programming Languages
Unlock the power of coding with a focus on three essential programming languages - Python, Java, and web development languages. From data analysis to game development, students gain versatile Programming Skills.

Python (Scrapy, Pandas)
Java (LibGDX, Android Studio)
Web Development (React, Vue.js)

Immerse in the world of multimedia design covering graphic design and digital illustration. Students get hands-on experience in creating captivating visuals for various digital platforms.

Graphic Design:Adobe Photoshop, Canva

Digital Illustration:Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects

Dive into the Principles of designing user interfaces and creating responsive web experiences. This Course emphasizes modern frameworks and best practices for web development

UI Design: Flutter, Adobe XD

Responsive Web Design: Bootstrap, CSS Grid

05. Character Animation
Unlesh creativity through Animation, covering bothn 2D and 3D animation basics. Students learn the principles of animation and gain practical experience in bringing characters to life.

2D Animation:OpenToonz

3D Animation:Blender

06. Gaming Development
Embark on a journey into the world of game development, exploring game design fundamentals and programmiong logic. This course encourages practical application through game jams.

Game Design:Unity, Unreal Engine

Game Programming:Scratch

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Advanced Training Services and Improved Skills

Aadi Guru Prodigy is excited to launch the innovative School Pro Program, which ducates high school students with state-of-the-art knowledge and abilities. Our program is divided into many areas, encouraging students’ overall development and readiness for life.

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Skilled Instructors

Experienced mentors ensuring personalized guidance and support throughout the learning journey.


Boost confidence with recognized certifications, enhancing academy applications and career opportunities.

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Online Classes

Unlock a world of learning from the comfort of home! Aadiguruprodigy offers specialized online training for school students FFF9F1

Free Benfits : Softskills in AGP School pro

Advantages for Students

👉Mindful Well-beign

Elevate beyond skills, Aadi Guru Prodigy’s School pro program.prioritizes students well-beign for a thriving body and mind.

👉Ethical insight

More than Tech .Our program integrates ethics. shaping responsible individuals with enduring values.


👉Joyful learning focus

Unlock joy in education .Our program sharpens focus and time  management for an enjoyble learning journey.

👉Memorable Recall

Memory Matters.Explore techniques for unforgettable learning experiences with Aadi Guru prodigy.

👉Innovation Mindset

Future-redy thinking starts hear. Aadi Guru Prodigy fosters innovative mind exploring and shaping future lives.

Benefits from Aadi Guru Prodigy

👉 Comprehensive Content

👉 Career Guidance

👉 Industry leading instructors

👉 Structured lesson plan

👉innovative concepts with Ai future world

👉Fast paced learning easy concepts

👉Advanced Thought process

👉Challaging world future goals

👉Softskills global tech mind