AGP IT Tech Pro Program

245+ students Over the past One year, Aadi Guru Prodigy has successfully trained

students across various IT courses.

85 students placed in reputed IT companies.

Total Placements

AGP IT Tech Pro


Welcome to Aadi Guru Prodigy’s AGP IT Tech Pro Program, where you embark on a journey of advanced IT training and career readiness. Aadi Guru Prodigy is a leading institution in IT skill development, bridging the gap between academic learning and industry demands. We prepare students to excel in the dynamic IT landscape by focusing on practical education and expert-led training.

Special Pilot Program

To ensure the success and seamless integration of the AGP IT Tech Pro Program, Aadi Guru Prodigy offers a pilot program designed to showcase the effectiveness of our courses.

Selection Criteria

• Top Talent: Placement Officers will select the top 10 talented students from each participating engineering college.
• Eligibility: Final year engineering students with a keen interest in advanced IT courses.

Program Overview

The AGP IT Tech Pro Program offers comprehensive courses designed for final-year engineering students. Our curriculum includes cutting-edge topics such as Python with Django, Data Science, IoT with Robotics, Cyber Security, and more, ensuring students are equipped with skills that meet current industry needs.

Discounted Fee for Pilot Program:

 Pilot Program Fee: ₹20,000 + GST for a 2-month online course, in each college only for 10+ Students at one time.

Courses Offered

1. Python with Django
2. Python with Data Science
3. Java, MongoDB, React/Angular
4. IoT (Internet of Things) with Robotics
5. VLSI Design
6. Cyber Security & Network Systems
7. Digital Marketing with AI
8. Power BI / Tableau / Qlick View / Sense

Course Duration: 3 Months
Mode: Online/Offline
Course Fees: Total Fee: ₹50,000 + GST
Eligibility Students: Final academic year Degree /BTech Students

Partner Companies

BigSpire Software Pvt Ltd

Pranag Pvt Ltd

Small Array

Global Infotech Solutions

Feuji Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Pioneer Infotech Pvt Ltd

Partner IT Companies for Placement:


Benefits for Students

Real Time Faculty

Learn from industry professionals with hands on experience.

Project Based Teaching

Focus on developing practical skills through project based learning.

Course Certification

Earn a recognized certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Project Handling

Engage in real world projects and gain practical experience.

100% Placement Assurance

Guaranteed job placement assistance upon course completion.

Internship Project Documentation

Receive project documents suitable for college internship submissions

1. Project-Based Training:
Expert Guidance: Training from industry-experienced faculty.

3. Internship Training:
Industry Exposure: Participate in professional internships.

5. Free Industrial Training:
Live Projects: Engage in a month of free industrial training.

7. Interview Preparation:
Campus Skills: Improve readiness for campus interviews.

9. Industry Relationships:
Networking: Build connections with IT professionals.

11. Software Skills Improvement:
Skill Development: Enhance software skills through training.

13. Bridging the Gap:
Academic Alignment: Align academics with industry needs.

15. Early Experience:
Professional Exposure: Gain experience during the academic year.

17. Professional Growth:
Concurrent Learning: Develop skills and gain experience.

19. Comprehensive Skill Set:
Diverse Learning: Gain versatile IT skills.

21. Personal Development:
Soft Skills Training: Improve communication and teamwork.

23. IT Trends Awareness:
Current Knowledge: Stay updated on IT developments.

25. Entrepreneurial Skills:
Startup Training: Learn how to start your own IT business.

27. Technological Proficiency:
Advanced Tools: Master advanced IT tools and tech.

29. Job Security:
Industry Demand: Acquire in-demand IT skills.

2. Hands-On Projects:
Practical Experience: Implement real-world projects.

4. Project Documentation:
Compliance: Prepare documents per AICTE, UGC, and NAAC norms.

6. Authorized Certification:
Credential Recognition: Earn industry-recognized certifications.

8. Mock Interviews:
Practical Preparation: Gain confidence with mock interviews.

10. Career Guidance:
Free Programs Access effective career planning programs.

12. IT Industry Awareness:
Educational Programs: Increase industry knowledge.

14. Spot Placement Opportunities:
On-Campus Hiring: Benefit from on-campus spot placements.

16. Immediate Earnings:
Job Readiness: Start earning post-graduation.

18. Real-Time Faculty Interaction:
Direct Mentorship: Learn from industry experts

20. Competitive Advantage:
Market Readiness: Enter the job market competitively.

22. Resume Building:
Professional Resume: Build a strong resume with experience.

24. Peer Learning:
Collaborative Environment: Learn with like-minded peers.

26. Problem-Solving:
Critical Thinking: Enhance problem-solving skills.

28. Academic Excellence:
Enhanced Learning: Improve academic performance.

30. Lifelong Learning:
Continuous Improvement: Develop a mindset for continuous learning.

Benefits to Colleges

01. Alumni Network Expansion: Access to alumni who have completed the program and are now working in reputable IT companies, providing networking opportunities and potential mentorship for current students.

02. Industry Partnerships: Collaboration with leading IT companies for guest lectures, workshops, and real-world project opportunities, enhancing
students’ exposure to industry trends and best practices.

03. Entrepreneurial Support: Guidance and resources for students interested in entrepreneurship, including startup incubation programs, pitch competitions, and access to funding opportunities.

04. Internship Placement Assistance: Assistance in securing internships during academic breaks, providing valuable hands-on experience and industry exposure.

05. Continuous Learning Support: Access to updated course materials, online resources, and alumni support groups for continuous learning and
skill development even after graduation.

06. Professional Development Workshops: Regular workshops on resume building, interview skills, and soft skills enhancement to prepare students for the competitive job market.

07. Industry-Recognized Certifications: This opportunity for students to earn industry-recognized certifications alongside their degree, enhancing their employability and market value.

08. Career Counseling Services: Personalized career counseling services to help students identify their strengths, interests, and career goals, and align them with suitable job opportunities.

09. Research and Development Collaboration: Opportunities for collaborative research projects with industry partners, fostering innovation and technological advancements within the college community.

10. Alumni Referral Program: Incentives for alumni to refer job openings in their companies to current students, facilitating easier access to employment opportunities.

Aadi Guru Prodigy’s Proven Success

Aadi Guru Prodigy is a premier online and offline training
center specializing in IT skill development for students and
professionals. Our mission is to bridge the gap between
academic knowledge and industry demands by offering cutting
edge courses taught by industry experts.

AGP Track Record

245+ students Over the past One year, Aadi Guru Prodigy has successfully trained

students across various IT courses.

85 students placed in reputed IT companies.

Total Placements

2024-2025 IT Industry Analysis and Course Demand:

The demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow, with a particular emphasis on areas such as AI, data science, cybersecurity, and IoT. The courses offered by AGP IT Tech Pro align perfectly with these industry needs, ensuring our
students are well prepared for the future job market.

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