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Elevate Your Expertise with AGP's Advanced IT Faculty Development Program

A transformative initiative delivering cutting-edge IT insights and essential
soft skills to engineering faculties. Empower your team with the knowledge and
expertise needed to thrive in today’s ever-evolving technological landscape.
Join Our Faculty Development Program  and lead the charge into a brighter future for education and innovation.

IT Trend Analysis 2024-2025:

it trends

The IT landscape of 2024-2025 is characterized by transformative advancements poised to reshape industries and societies worldwide. AGP recognizes the significance of staying ahead in this ever-evolving domain

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Faculty Development Program Overview

AGP’s Faculty Development Program spans 10 days, comprising daily
sessions of 1 hour on IT Latest Technology and 45 minutes on Soft Skills.

IT Skills Development Program - Session 01

➡️ Day 01 : AI & ML Neura Links
➡️Day 02 : Robotics
➡️Day 03 : Cyber Security
➡️Day 04 : Quantum Computers
➡️Day 05 : Big Data
➡️Day 06: Data Science
➡️Day 07 : Cloud Computing
➡️Day 08 : Metaverse
➡️Day 09 : Internet of Things (IoT)
➡️Day 10 : Blockchain Technology

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Soft Skills Development Program - Session 02

➡️Day 01 : Leadership Management
➡️Day 02 : Teaching Techniques
➡️Day 03 : Work Management
➡️Day 04 : Intrapersonal Skills
➡️Day 05 : Counseling
➡️Day 06 : Change Management
➡️Day 07 : Money Mantra
➡️Day 08 : Career Guidance
➡️Day 09 : Entrepreneurship
➡️Day 10 : Overseas Education

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AI trends machine learning

AI & ML - Neuralinks

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for unprecedented insights and automation.

➡️ Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

➡️ Exploration of Neuralinks and their applications.

➡️ Integration of leadership and management skills within the  context of AI.


Integration of robotics in various sectors, healthcare, revolutionizing
manufacturing, and beyond.

➡️  Understanding Robotics with a focus on educatinal applications.

➡️  Teaching techniques related to robotics, including hands-on    activities.

➡️  Integration of effective teaching skills for knowledge transfer.



Addressing the escalating threats in cyberspace with robust security measures.

➡️Comprehensive exploration of cybersecurity principles.

➡️ Practical aspects of work management in the context of cybersecurity.

➡️ Balancing IT skills with efficient work management strategies.

Quantum Computers

Pioneering quantum computing technologies for unparalleled computational capabilities.

➡️ Overview of Quantum Computing and its potential.

➡️ Enhancing intra-personal skills within the IT field.

➡️Connecting quantum computing concepts with personal development.

Data Science

Data Science

Lever aging vast datasets for informed decision-making
and predictive analytics.

➡️ In-depth exploration of Data Science concepts.

➡️ Understanding and managing change within the IT landscape.

➡️ Adapting to evolving technologies through effective change management.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Shifting towards cloud-based solutions for scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

➡️ Overview of Cloud Computing technologies and platforms.

➡️ Financial aspects and strategies in the IT domain.

➡️ Formulating a “Money Mantra” for success in IT-related ventures.


Exploring immersive digital environments and their applications across industries

➡️ Exploration of the Metaverse and its implications.

➡️ Career guidance programs within the context of emerging technologies.

➡️ Navigating career paths in the evolving IT landscape.

Internet of Things

Interconnecting devices to enhance automation, efficiency, and connectivity

➡️ Understanding the Internet of Things and its applications.

➡️ Entrepreneurial skills and mindset in the IT industry.

➡️ Encouraging innovation and creativity in IoT projects.

big data

Big Data

Big Data revolutionizes decision-making by harnessing vast volumes of information to extract valuable insights. Big Data course explores advanced analytics techniques, empowering faculties to navigate this transformative field with expertise.

➡️Deep dive into Big Data analytics and its applications.

➡️Counseling techniques for handling challenges in the IT industry.

➡️Balancing technical expertise with counseling skills.


Facilitating secure and transparent transactions across various sectors

➡️ In-depth exploration of Blockchain technology.

➡️ The role of Blockchain in global education systems.

➡️Opportunities for overseas education and collaboration in the IT sector.


Advantages and Benefits

Cutting-Edge Knowledge:

Faculties gain insights into the latest IT
trends, ensuring relevance and
competitiveness in academic endeavors.

Holistic Development:

Soft skills training enhances faculties’
interpersonal skills, leadership abilities,
and pedagogical techniques.

Practical Assignments:

Hands-on assignments provide practical
experience and reinforce theoretical

Student Impact:

Students receive high-quality education
enriched with contemporary insights,
preparing them for industry challenges.

Faculty Empowerment:

Empowered faculties cont ribute to
enhanced teaching methodologies and
student engagement.

Management Support:

Institutions benefit from faculty members
equipped with up-to-date knowledge and
skills, fostering innovation and excellence

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Join Aadi Guru Prodigy’s Faculty Development Program to embark on a
transformative journey towards professional excellence in the dynamic realm of IT.

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